CRISP - Simulation Game

Simulation Game

Training for young diplomats from Central Asia

In September 2017, we conducted our simulation game DIVINI for young diplomats from Central Asia in the frame of the ‘Training for International Diplomats’ program of the German Federal Foreign Office.

Quick facts


September 2017


Berlin, Germany



In the frame of the simulation, the participants had to deal with the challenges arising from an increasing threat through violent extremism and different approaches to countermeasures. A special focus was put on the discussion of concepts in favor of increasing enforcement measures vs.approaches focusing on the prevention of radicalization processes, especially among young people.

Target Group

Diplomats from Central Asia

Project Goals

Through the workshop the participants got a deeper understanding of the phenomena of violent extremism and different ways of dealing with the challenges arising from it. They also got more familiar with approaches towards a cross-sectoral cooperation in this thematic field.


This workshop was implemented in close cooperation with