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Training for Young Diplomats from Central Asia About Religious Extremism

On invitation by the German Federal Foreign Office we held a training for young diplomats from Central Asia about the topic of religious extremism.

Quick facts




Berlin, Germany


12 young diplomats from Central Asia

The core of the workshop was the simulation game DIVINI, dealing with the root causes of religious extremism as well as different strategies on responding to them. The simulation is set in the fictional community of DIVNI, from which several young people have left to join extremist groups abroad. From the perspective of different stakeholders, the participants are trying to analyse the situation and to develop a common strategy on how to prevent more young people from taking such a path.

Project Goals

The main goal of the workshop has been to sensitize the participants for prototypical challenges while developing countermeasures to the spread of religious extremism.  This includes e.g. the question if the emphasis should be laid on hard enforcement measures and control or if one should rather work on the root causes, which lead people to take such a path.

Target Group

The participants were 12 young diplomats from Central Asian countries, taking part in the “Training for international diplomats” organized by the German Federal Foreign Office.


This workshop was implemented in close cooperation with