CRISP - Simulation Game

Simulation Game

Training: Peace + Conflict Consultant in Königswinter

The “Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst” (Civil Peace Service) is a Cologne-based NGO that promotes the culture of nonviolence and a nonviolent conflict solution. In doing so they offer a variety of courses, classes and seminars, one being a nine-week full-time advanced course in Peace and Conflict Work. Participants will be introduced into the concept of peace workers, they will learn methods of conflict assessments and improve their skills on strategy and project planning. Afterwards they will receive the certificate “Peace and Conflict Consultant”.

Quick facts


5 days seminar


Königswinter, Germany


Target Group

Twelve future Conflict-Consultants from different countries participated in this 5 days seminar.

Project Goals

The academy of the forum asked us to assist them with conducting a simulation game, which would give their participants the opportunity to practice their skills and test their abilities in a safe environment. We then adopted one of our simulation games to fit their special needs, which are e.g. lack of information and complex conflicts of interest.


The workshop was designed in close cooperation with