CRISP - Simulation Game

Simulation Game

Workshop for International Parliament Scholars

Within the international parliament scholarship program of the German Bundestag and in cooperation with Al Sharq e.V., we have implemented our simulation game „Taberlingen“. The scholarship holders came from different Arab countries, reaching from Morocco to Iraq. The simulation game deals with the topic of integration of refugees in Germany on a local level. During the game, the participants took different roles, ranging from political parties over business representative to migrant associations, in order to develop an action plan for improving the integration of refugees on various levels such as education or the labor market.

Quick facts


November 2017


Döllnsee, Germany


Target Group

Scholarship Holders from different Arab Countries.

Project Goals

Through the simulation game the participants got a deeper insight in one of the most relevant societal topics in Germany, and could enhance their understanding of the different positions existing in the public debate. Furthermore, they had the chance to explore the chances and challenges of specific integration measures as well as to exchange their own viewpoints in discussions after the game.


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