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Workshop: "Right-Wing-Populism" in Germany

In the beginning of March we conducted a two-day workshop tackling the burning issue of growing right-wing populist movements and parties in Europe. The workshop was organized in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and took place at the high school in Eitorf (close to Bonn). Together with pupils we discussed characteristics and sources of the phenomenon of right-wing populism and brainstormed ways to fight it.

Quick facts


March 2017


Eitorf, Germany


Target Group

The workshop target group was secondary school students between 14 and 16 years old. The workshop was adjusted to the particular needs of the students regarding their overall school curriculum with was created with an interdisciplinary approach.

Project Goals

During the simulation game the students found promising ways how to curtail populist tendencies by self-confidently promoting the merits of an open and pluralistic society. We are looking forward to more workshops like this, especially in the light of the upcoming general elections in Germany.


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