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Simulation game

ASEAN - South China Sea

Gain a deeper understanding of the multiple fault lines in the South China Sea and learn about the different positions of ASEAN member states.


Professionals and Students


International Relations


Experienced, Expert


4-6 hours, > 6 hours

Number of participants

12-20, 20-30





Over the last decades the ASEAN region has grown closer together and the organisation is seen as a successful model of regional integration. The last years however have also shown the significant challenges ASEAN is facing, especially against the backdrop of an increasing US-China competition. In the field of political security cooperation, the ongoing conflict in the South China Sea has brought to the surface the differences in the geopolitical orientation within ASEAN and is seen as one of the testing grounds for ASEAN’s unity.

Scenario & Procedure

The scenario is set during a preparatory meeting for the upcoming ASEAN summit. Two recent incidents have increased the tensions in the South China Sea and several member states therefore put it on the agenda, aiming to develop a comprehensive declaration addressing the organisation’s stance on the situation. Participants are taking over the role of representatives of ASEAN member states and get the possibility to intensively discuss contemporary challenges such as the role of Lawfare, the use of uninhabited islands or resource extraction rights.


Participants will gain a deeper understanding on the manifold conflict lines in the South China Sea, learn about the diverging positions among ASEAN member states and get to experience the dynamics of intra-ASEAN negotiations on a challenging topic. They will furthermore be able to practice their abilities in writing formal declarations and in following formal diplomatic procedures.

Learning Goals
  • Understanding contemporary challenges in the South China Sea conflict
  • Insights into the decision-making processes with ASEAN
  • Learning to deal with conflicting national interests in a consensus-based organisation
  • Improving statement and declaration writing skills