CRISP - Simulation game

Simulation game

Civil War in Syria

What are the conflict dynamics in Syria and what are possibilities for a peace agreement?


Peacebuilders, Diplomats, Civil Society Actors, Administration-Staff, Students


Conflict Transformation


German, English, Arabic



Number of participants



4-6 hours


Expert, Experienced

The simulation game is about conflict dynamics and a possible peace agreement in the ongoing Syrian civil war. The participants simulate peace talks regarding a fictitious region of Syria. The main objective is to create a better understanding for the conflict as such and to give the participants the chance to explore different options for stopping the violence in Syria.

Scenario & Procedure

The scenario is highly actors-centered. The participants take over the roles of state and non-state actors, armed groups and civil society. Thereby they get familiarized with the existing positions and interests. During the negotiation-rounds, the participants then try to find common ground for an agreement that facilitates ceasefires and outlines a possible transition. In the end, the participants will have developed a roadmap to peace. In order to picture concrete future scenarios for Syria, they share and discuss all used strategies after the simulation game.


Different conflict lines and numerous actors with changing and contradicting interests characterize the situation in Syria. Since the start of hostilities in 2011, the conflict has evolved into a complex situation, which is a black box for many. This is in particular true as the direct consequence of the war, the arrival of refugees, is dominating the public debate and the actual causes of the situation only receive limited attention. This is even more the case for possible solutions. They are hardly discussed, even though they are desperately needed to improve the situation.

Learning Goals
  • Develop a better understanding of the conflict in Syria
  • Get sensitized for the political context of Syrians affected by the conflict
  • Identifying the options of actors in Syria and learn about chances of peaceful conflict settlement