CRISP - Simulation game

Simulation game

El Wasaaya - Participation & Peaceful Coexistence

Numerous actors with contradicting positions and interests, have to find a resolution and become united in order to protect their land.


Young adults between 14 and 25, heterogeneous composition desirable


Conflict Transformation, Democracy & Participation


English, Arabic



Number of participants

20-30, 12-20


4-6 hours, < 4 hours



Al-Wasa‘aya is a city located in the center of the country and passes through a river that divides it into two parts, east and west. Due to differences in social levels and the size of families in addition to the existence of minorities and religious communities that is more powerful than others, which led to the emergence of permanent conflicts between most of the population of that city and conflicts sometimes lead to violent exercises, abuse of places of worship and murder sometimes. The game stimulates the actor’s decision-making processes and showcases the consequences in relation to existing social systems. This mixed approach allows for part of reality to be represented, simulated and applied as a dynamic model which manifests in the form of a scenario. It then moves on to integrate stakeholders as agents and actors who are later invited to influence the design and dictate the outcome.

Scenario & Procedure

In the midst of all the tribal, sectarian and sectarian conflicts El Wasa’aya, a large foreign investor offered to purchase a unique part of the land which is 4,000 square meters. This was welcomed by the local authority, while the sale of this unique land was met with strong objection by the population. The local authority, however, stipulated that the residents of the city should agree on how to invest this land so that this investment will lead to the development of the city and create an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence that they need very much, provided that they plan the whole project and how to finance it. In case they don’t reach any resolution, the state agrees to sell the land to the foreign investor.


El Wasa’aya has different conflict lines imposed by numerous and different actors with contradicting tendencies and interests, the question is, will the actors find a resolution and be united to protect their land? Will the actors be able to create the peaceful coexistence on their land?

Learning Goals
  • Understanding the role and importance of minorities for a democratic system
  • Developing a vision for peaceful living together
  • Decision Making in groups