CRISP - Project


E-participation in Palestine

In cooperation with GIZ INDIGO, CRISP is running a consultancy that aims to familiarize Palestinian citizens with e-governance tools that empowers them to inclusively engage in decision-making processes on a communal level.

Quick facts
DURATION01.04.2022 Until 31.05.2025
LOCATIONSPalestine, 10 municipalities in the West Bank
PARTICIPANTSCivil society workers, municipality staff and citizens from 10 municipalities of the West Bank


A key element of the consultancy has been a simulation game on civic participation. The tailormade simulation tackles issues of citizen participation, unemployment, gender equality, and waste management. Civil society workers and municipal representatives were trained on how to facilitate the simulation game to conduct local workshops in 10 municipalities of the West Bank, through which participants are capacitated on using digital participation tools to identify the issues faced by the municipality and find innovative solutions for them. 

In the second phase, participants of the local workshops were invited to submit their ideas of local initiatives that respond to the challenges identified during the local workshops, 10 of which were chosen to undergo an initiative development process that will equip participants with problem solving skills, and versatile e-participation tools necessary to ensure the digital component in the initiatives. The selected ideas receive a grant to implement pilot initiatives. The consultancy is led by CRISP, funded by INDIGO project by GIZ, commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Project Goals

The consultancy aims to improve the competences of citizens in taking part in decision-making processes on municipality level, raise awareness on the possibilities and benefits of using e-participation mechanisms for civic participation and develop and implement pilot initiatives addressing communal needs through civic (e-) participation.

Target Group(s)
  1. 20 civil society workers and municipality staff from 10 different municipalities of the West Bank attended the training of trainers.
  2. 200 participants in 10 municipalities participated in the simulation game workshops facilitated by the trained youth workers, including women and people with disabilities.
  3. 1000 citizens will participate in the initiatives developed by the participants of the local workshop
Planned Outcomes/Achievements

The project familiarized citizens from different regions of the west bank with the concept of e-participation and capacitates them to use digital tools to participate in the public sphere. It will also provide citizens with the opportunity to come up and implement local initiative ideas that address specific issues of their municipalities.


This project was designed and implemented in close cooperation with