First Training-Week in Sudan

CRISP is working together with Sudan Youth Organization for Climate Change (SYOCC), facilitating on-site training for the country’s first generation that is participating in the UN Youth Representatives Program. 

  • The African UN Youth Delegate and Representative Program AUNYD is not an official UN program. The UN Youth Delegate Program is driven and owned by UN Member States. Official Youth Delegates are always exclusively selected by UN Member States.  The civil society youth representatives we select at the AUNYD have a better chance to become national UN Youth Delegates through our training and support

A rigorous selection process has cast 25 young Sudanese men and women from all over the country. They will be learning about diplomacy, international affairs, and the interplay of UN entities in Sudan, as well as Sudan’s role in the UN through 4 training weeks. At the end of the training cycle, 10 participants will be selected to represent Sudan and the country’s youth at the UN Headquarters in New York, whereas the 15 other participants will be involved in internships and other career opportunities at home.

The curriculum prepared by CRISP together with SYOCC includes topics on international relations, women’s rights, environment, economy, and sustainable development and is set to be extended and reshaped with each training as the participants provide us with feedback and share their interests.

The first training week gathered the participants in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, as they received lectures from experienced local trainers on Good Governance, UN institutions and UN diplomacy. The participants then further engaged with each other in identifying prominent issues they witness in their communities related to the topics, as well as brainstorming on ways United Nations bodies and actions can address and tackle them.

After the fruitful discussions, the participants conduct in-depth research on the work of selected UN bodies in Sudan. They interview experts and present their findings to the group in Training Week 2. The ensuing critical discussion will shed light on the challenges and potentials of UN work in Sudan and beyond. We wish all our participants success and are proud to host such a talented and motivated group of young changemakers.