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“Games for Education” fair in Berlin

In cooperation with  Deutsche Welle Academy we implemented a games fair event to discuss how educational games can bring socially relevant topics to young people.

Quick facts


September 2020 (Due to the on-going COVID-19 situation, updates of the alternative date for the event will be shared)


Berlin, Germany


40 Representatives from Germanys education system, Representatives from political foundations, Experts on educational games

CRISP and DW Academy are inviting representatives of the German education sector to an interactive game workshop "Understanding the World through Playing - How educational games can bring socially relevant topics to young people”.

In the 21st century, there is worldwide variety of games available that can do more than just entertain. Inter-active games are used particularly for educational purposes. But how exactly can knowledge about socially relevant topics be conveyed through games? How can games promote critical thinking and engagement with complex content? And how can games be used to develop empathy with people who have a different position? During the workshop, we will not only discuss these questions, but also make the potential of games tangible: Participants will get to know in-house digital and analog games of the DW Academy and experience how to deal with content related to freedom of expression with young people between the ages of ten and eighteen. Due to current political developments in Germany, the topic of right-wing populism is particularly relevant. CRISP will implement its simulation game “Roxania” with the participants, which is dealing with right-wing populism and freedom of opinion. Participants will experience how simulation games function similar to a political laboratory, in which the players can test alternative ideas and approaches in a safe environment. The event will be held in German language.

This event is part of the series "Media Freedom Talks - Zukunftsgespräche zur Medienentwicklung" of the DW Academy in cooperation with changing partners. With media development projects, DW Academy is committed to freedom of the press and freedom of opinion worldwide, supports independent journalism and advocates the participation of minorities, young people and women.

Project Goals

The goal of the event is to create a space for representatives of the German education system to become familiar with different inter-active methods of games and enrich their knowledge of how to use them for educational purposes. 

In addition, the event will function as a networking space for different actors exchanging their experience with games as educational tools. 

The game fair aims as well to capacitate the participants with first-hand experience of how a simulation game works, through implementing the CRISP simulation game “Roxania” together. 

Target Groups

The target group of this project consists of two different groups. The first target group consists of representatives of the German education sector. The second target group are German students and pupils (age range: 10-18). 


This project was designed and implemented in close cooperation with