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Hidden Memories – Follow Up

Finally, we were able to secure the follow up of our 2017 project “Hidden Memories” in Kyiv. The focus of this follow-up-project is the development of pedagogical modules in order to create secure spaces for dialogue on the recent history of Ukraine. 

Since 2017, “Hidden Memories” mobile application enables the users to experience different perspectives on Maidan events 2013/14 through the format of a walk-in audio installation. Within this follow-up-project, tailor-made pedagogical modules will be developed in cooperation with the local teachers and recommended for use at secondary schools. As a result, it contributes to overcoming the current polarization of the Ukrainian society and supporting dialogue about common values.  


01.08.2020 - 31.08.2021


Kyiv and all 24 oblasts of Ukraine, Berlin, Saarbruecken







Project Goals

The project’s goal is to increase the appreciation of dialogue about fundamental values among Ukrainians and thereby contributing to a democratic and pluralistic society. The pedagogical modules to be developed will serve as a framework, built around the app “Hidden Memories”, in which a constructive dialogue on the fundamental values of a democratic, liberal order can be held in a safe environment. 

In combination with the concept of historical memory and creative tools, we want to establish a space of freedom of expression in which a far less polarized but rather critical and differentiated discourse on the topic of the recent Ukrainian history and its underlying values can be possible. Thus, we want to encourage a peaceful dialogue, tolerance towards different opinions and enable teachers to develop critical thinking among their students.

Target Group

The primary target group of the project are teachers of Ukrainian secondary schools. Together with 24 teachers from each of the 24 oblasts of Ukraine we will develop the pedagogical modules which will be available to all Ukrainian teachers and trainers of non-formal education in the end of the project.


  1. Kick-Off Meeting
  2. First Training of Trainers 
  3. Test Phase
  4. Second Training of Trainers
  5. Implementation Phase
  6. Eveluation Seminar & Final Event

Outcomes / Achievements

Within the follow-up we equip teachers and trainers with pedagogical modules that encourage a secure and differentiated exchange on the topic of Maidan 2013/14. These pedagogical modules shall facilitate discussions about underlying fundamental values standing behind the different perspectives on the topic. This way the project contributes to overcoming the currently rather polarized and heated atmosphere when it comes to dabates about the events on Maidan 2013/14.  Beyond that it supports important democratic values such as peaceful dialogue, tolerance and pluralism.