Security Council Reform (UNO 2.0)

What are the interests and ideas of the UN on how to ensure world peace and its possibilities for reform?

This simulation game covers the interests and ideas of the most powerful international institution to ensure world peace: The United Nations Security Council. In this simulation, participants discuss possible reforms of the council, which original purpose was to prevent disasters as the Second World War from happening again. In the role of representatives of members and non-members states of the Security Council the participants discuss changes of the council to make it more reflective of current world politics. The main objective is to re-think the international security architecture and the role of the Security Council. On a concrete example, the participants shall develop ideas for reforms of the Security Council, as well as identify the chances for their implementation, by experiencing the negotiation process among the central actors.  

Scenario & Procedure

In the scenario, the participants simulate an international group of elderly tasked by the Security Council to develop a draft reform for the council. The primary aim of the group is to think freely about changing the international security architecture and to develop a promising proposal. Unlike in the UN, formal procedures and strict mandates do not restrict the participants. Instead, the simulation game is about developing ideas while keeping in mind the different interests of international actors, e.g. permanent members of the Security Council and newly emerging powers.


The United Nations Security Council is a product of the Second World War and reflects the distribution of power at this time. However, much has changed since that time. The world has become less euro-centric due to decolonization and the rise of emerging countries. Moreover, instead of a handful an increasing number of powerful states shape international politics. The transition from G7 to G20 as the most important international forum reflects this change. In the world of security policy, this has not happened yet. However, various governments, including the German one, have pushed for a more representative and more effective Security Council.

Learning Goals
  • Increased understanding of international politics, in particular security policy
  • Developing ideas how to organize the international community
  • To get to know key conflict prevention, management and settlement mechanisms