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Simulation Game

SiMigration Friedrich Ebert Foundation

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation invited Crisp to conduct a simulation game on the topic of migration. 34 students from secondary schools participated in the game. During one day they slipped into the roles of high ranking politicians representing EU member states, as well as countries of origin and transit and tried to adopt a resolution in order to solve the challenges of big migration flows.

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Berlin, Germany



The second day was dedicated to local politics of a small Mediterranean island. In the roles of community members holding different responsibilities and having differing points of view they had the task to implement the decisions made on EU level before and to find solutions to the challenges they meet on a day to day basis concerning the arrival of many refugees. In the evaluation the students shared their experience and reflected upon the complex dynamics of migration policies.

Target Group

34 students from different secondary schools from Bonn and surroundings applied for the activity.

Project Goals

The goal of this activity was to sensitize the students about the issues around migration on EU and community level. It gave them an insight into the social, economic and political conflicts that are inherent to them and in a playful way raised awareness about the importance and opportunities for cooperation and dialogue regarding the topic. 


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