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Simulation Game

Simulation Game: BRIBANIA

The setting is a fictitious island, where massive corruption scandals took place in the past years. It is the task of the participants to identify the causes and based on that design initiatives that limit corrupt behavior in the future. The participants step into the roles of national and international stakeholders and develop their own strategies to fight corruption.

Quick facts


October 2017


Berlin, Germany


Target Group

Students and civil society activists from Ukraine and Germany. Within this simulation game, the participants discuss different approaches how to fight corruption.

Project Goals

The simulation game rises awareness for the subject of corruption, particularly regarding the difficulties of its control. Furthermore, during the various rounds of negotiations, actors are required to create innovative win-win situations or deal with the consequences of failure. The evaluation phase focused on the efficiency and transferability of possible actions, and on the complexity of the negotiation process.  The participants enjoyed the change of perspective and gained a deeper understanding of the phenomenon,what is useful in the struggle for transparency.


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