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Simulation Game

Simulation Game: Bribania in Tunisia

We facilitated our simulation game Bribania (in Arabic: Fasadistan), in the course of the MENA Integrity School in Tunisia. The main host was Transparency International. It was the first time that CRISP and Transparency International (TI) were cooperating on a concrete basis.

Quick facts




Tunis, Tunesia




During the simulation game the participants had to develop a national strategy to fight corruption and then to lobby for their ideas and to convince others of it. The simulation was quite appreciated by the participants as they could gain more knowledge about the possibilities but also the difficulties they face when fighting corruption.

Target Group

50 participants from the MENA region, representatives of TI-Chapters and young activists.

Project Goals

Due to the simulation game the participants got the chance to apply what they have learned about fighting corruption during the previous days of the Integrity School. Moreover the participants were able to experiment and test innovative strategies. Furthermore the participants got sensitized to think about possible solutions to fight corruption in their own countries. The participation in the simulation game helped the participants to detect difficulties and risks during the implementation of anti-corruption-actions.


This activity was implemented in close partnership with