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Simulation Game

Simulation Game Development: Flight & Migration in Europe

One of the biggest learning-platforms in Germany approached us and ordered a simulation game on the topic of migration in the context of the European Union. As the topic is top priority on the political agenda, circumstances are changing fast and thus it was quite a challenge to create a simulation game that deals with the upcoming developments. Therefore, we decided to choose a semi-realistic scenario and tried to anticipate political processes and subsequent questions regarding the topic.

Quick facts


September-December 2016


Bonn, Germany
Target Group

The simulation game lasts one day and can be played by 12 up to 24 participants. The information given in the scenario and in the role-profiles is based on actual statistics and their predicted future developments, as well as on the real political positions of the actors represented in the simulation game. The institutional setting on EU-Level in contrast had to be simplified. The scenario describes the setting of a fictitious EU-Summit, during which representatives of the European Union approve new guidelines regarding border controls, rules and procedures for asylum-seekers, a possible distribution of migrants among member-states and many many more. Furthermore, the perspectives of those states used for transit and the states of origin are also represented.

Project Goals

After taking part in the simulation game, the participants increased their knowledge about migration, as well as about the different positions of the EU-Member-States. Moreover, push and pull factors for migration will be understood in detail. Due to the evaluation modules, the participants will also discuss delicate questions, such as who has a legal or moral right to enter the EU and how the laws and procedures could be adjusted among the member-states and according to the needs of the EU-Population, as well as to the needs of migrants.


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