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Simulation Game

Simulation Game: Quo vadis Ukraine?

During the Ukraine-Lab, organized by our partners from MitOst, we conducted a simulation game on thestatus of Ukraine. Together with participants of the Ukraine-Lab, who had diverse backgrounds, we simulated a possible future development. The simulation game simulated the upcoming twelve months. The participants slipped into the roles of key actors of the conflict. These actors correspond to the real ones, dispose of the same resources, and have the same objectives. During the simulation game, theparticipants tried to identify the different interests and arrange them, in order to eventually create aroadmap that describes a possible future scenario for Ukraine.

Quick facts


November 2016


Berlin, Germany


35 participants
Target Group

Civil Rights Activists from Ukraine and other members of the MitOst network

Project Goals

The simulation game not only clarified the interests and objectives of the different actors in Ukraine, butalso made the conflict dynamics come alive. By playing their roles, the participants could discover newaspects of the conflict and thus gather new ideas on conflict resolution. During evaluation, the course of the simulation was analyzed and the decisive factors for deescalation were determined. Based on those results the participants then created a vision of a possible future Ukraine.


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