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Simulation Game Transolvia

In the course of the CrossCulture-Program of the Institute for Foreign Relations, we implemented a simulation game, in order to contribute to the overall goals of the Program. Due to their participation in the simulation game workshop the 25 participants from 15 different countries got to know each other and a basis for further cooperation, in the frames of the alumni-network has been created.

Quick facts


October 2016


Berlin, Germany



In order to create a fruitful exchange among the participants we chose the simulation game Transolvia. This simulation game focuses on the role of civil society as a crucial element of vivid democracies. Especially during transition phases, civil society actors play an important role in promoting democratic principles and a value-system based on universal human rights. However, many times civil society actors struggle in cooperating among themselves and staying independent from national governments or international donors. Thus, the main question is: what are the potentials and what are the limits of civil society?

Target Group

The ifa is giving scholarships to young Civil Society Actors from the Arab World, as well as from the Eastern Partnership countries, in the frame of the cross cultural interns program.

Project Goals

Teamwork within the respective interest groups and coalitions insight into the dynamics of an election campaign. Interactions between media, social groups and political parties and their impact on the awareness of the electorate. Improving negotiation skills


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