CRISP - Trainings


Conflict Advisor for Internally Displaced Persons

The aim of the project was to place the integration of internally displaced persons (IDPs) on the political agenda in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine.To achieve this goal the project focused on the training of multipliers or mediators to improve their abilities to develop systematical and stringent projects, which help to integrate IDPs.

Quick facts


September - December 2015


Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine


35 profesionals and volunteers


ca. 870

Furthermore, the participants learned new methods of conflict management to mediate between the IDPs. Finally, the project also aimed to strengthen the network between national and international, non-governmental and governmental actors to ensure the integration of IDPs in the future.

Target Group

The project targeted multipliers that had essential experience in the field of informal education or with the integration of IDPs. It was required that all participants had an organizational background to guarantee the sustainability of the project. The implementation phase focused on IDPs in the four countries.

Project Goals

The goal of the project was the better integration of IDPs in the national societies. Therefore, a conflict analysis for each country was conducted together with the target group and tools (like simulation games) were developed to tackle the conflicts. All tools were tested during the implementation phase. The overall goal of the project was the rapprochement between the IDPs and the national majorities. The developed tools therefore focused on similarities between the different groups and work towards a strategy to share responsibility between the parties. However, the cultural identity of the groups were maintained.


This activity was implemented in close partnership with


This activity was implemented in close partnership with


The project could be realized thanks to the kind support of the German Federal Foreign Ministry