CRISP - Simulation Game

Simulation Game

UNDP Youth Leadership Programme (YLP4)

UNDP Youth Leadership Program is organizing a regional seminar bringing approximately 120 youth representatives and policy makers with the presence of National UNDP offices. This forum is considered a continuation of a successful model of youth participation in influencing the SDGs Agenda across the MENA region since 2015.

Quick facts


14.12.2018 – 17.12.2018


Tunis, Republic of Tunisia


120 participants: policy-makers,

youth-serving organizations and youth activists

Target Group

The target group was quite big and diverse. We had more than 120 participants from 12 different countries with different professional backgrounds, such as policy-makers, youth-serving organizations and youth activists. We adopted the simulation game method to all the different needs and expectations and thanks to the great efforts we put into the development of the simulation game we had a quite successful day.

Project Goals

UNDP Arab States launched the "YLP" to support young men and women from across the region to explore innovative approaches to addressing sustainable development challenges, with a specific focus on gender equality and women empowerment

With the implementation of the simulation game we managed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Expanding knowledge of youth-serving organizations to better support youth-led initiatives and change-makers at the national level, by deepening their knowledge of design thinking and familiarizing them with additional social innovation methodologies and technologies
  2. Validating a comprehensive and innovative impact assessment tool that has been developed to ensure longevity and sustainability of YLP activities and initiatives.
  3. Providing a space for youth, youth-serving organizations and other stakeholders to engage with policy makers from the region.
  4. Building trust between young people, youth leadership stakeholders and local and national policy makers and advocates through interactive activities.