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Urban Development

In the end of August CRISP together with the “Bundesverband für Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung e.V. (vhw)” conducted a workshop for municipality employees in the city of Essen. The aim of this workshop was to raise awareness between the participants to be more inclusive when it comes to participation processes in urban developments, by identifying the needs of different social groups (milieus) living in a city.

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Essen, Germany



Therefore the vhw builds on the sinus milieus, which includes besides classic socio-demographic data, also the attitudes and preferences of the inhabitants. To convey this approach to the municipalty employees, we simulated an open council meeting in the fictious city of Großbürgerhausen. During this meeting different inhabitants discussed what should be build on the abandoned site of the old weaving mill. During the evaluation of the simulation game we then linked the outcomes and processes of the negotiations to the milieu approach.

Target Group

Our partner in this project VHW was an umbrella organization of different cities in Germany and was promoting an inclusive approach of city planning, meaning they seek possibilities of how to include citizens into decisions made by local decision-makers. Therefore the project focused on municipality staff, in order to establish multiplicators of inclusive planning within local administrations.

Project Goals

The main goal was to raise awareness for alternative approaches to urban development within the target group of municipality employees. By experiencing what is behind the diverging interests of the city’s inhabitants, the participants were empowered to plan adequately to their needs. This in the end led to a more efficient and democratic urban development.


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