CRISP - Project


Youth and Religion in Kyrgyzstan

In the frame of the consultancy for GIZ Kyrgyzstan, CRISP has conducted a workshop for developing a simulation game that tackles questions of religion and is aimed to enable young people to form their own opinion about the topic. After heated debates on what young people need and should get informed about, the game started to take shape, dealing with conflicts between students in a school settingThe game will be implemented in nine workshops later this year as a tool for empowering young people to forming their own critical opinion.

Quick facts


17.05. – 30.09.2018


Bishkek and Issyk-Kul, Jalalabad and Naryn Regions in Kyrgyzstan




Target Group

The activity targets young active persons from Kyrgyzstan as well as selected representatives of organizations working on research in the field of religion. This primary target group will be trained in writing and facilitating simulation games. The local workshops target young people from the three different regions in Kyrgyzstan who are interested in learning about religion.

Project Goals

The activity has the main aim to empower young people to form their own opinion on questions regarding religion. In order to achieve this, young people need to be able to gather reliable information about religion as well as strengthen their capacities in analytical and critical thinking. These abilities are targeted by the simulation game. Furthermore, the project aims at building the capacity of young persons and organizations working on research in the field religion to develop and facilitate simulation games.