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Online-Kurs "Einführung in die friedliche Konflikttransformation"

Über 50 Teilnehmer absolvierten den ukrainischsprachigen Kurs

Quick facts
DURATION20.11.2021 Until 20.12.2021
LOCATIONonline, participants from Ukraine
PARTICIPANTS60 participants in total, 2 groups of 30 people each


For the second year, we are running the Conflict Transformation course together with the Kyiv Education Center “TolerSpace”. Thanks to the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Ukraine, we were able to make it available to civic activists, teachers, local government officials and others free of cost.

During the sessions, participants learned about the basics of conflict transformation and conflict analysis, institutional possibilities for conflict prevention, the influence of frames on the perception of conflicts, comics as a tool for working with conflicts and more. The course combined theory with a lot of practical exercises and group work, which enabled participants to better understand different methods of working with conflicts and apply them to real situations.

We would like to thank our partners, donors and participants for wonderful and resultful cooperation!


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