CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

CRISP entwickelt Projekte und Seminare in den Bereichen Konfliktbearbeitung und politische Bildung und führt diese auch selbständig durch.

Mit unserer Arbeit in Nachkriegsregionen leisten wir einen Beitrag zu einer friedlichen Bewältigung von Konflikten. Dabei gilt die Leitlinie, unsere Projekte an den Bedürfnissen vor Ort auszurichten.

CRISP ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein mit Sitz in Berlin. Seit 2007 engagieren wir uns in der zivilen Konfliktbearbeitung insbesondere auf dem westlichen Balkan, im Südkaukasus und im Nahen Osten.

In Zusammenarbeit mit unseren lokalen Partnerorganisationen versuchen wir die Dialogbereitschaft zwischen Bevölkerungsgruppen zu fördern und das gegenseitige Verständnis zu erhöhen.

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Latest News

07.02.2022 ⁄ International

We have received this week the final external evaluation report 2021 of our project PRESENTES in Chile. 89,2% of the participants enjoyed the method of simulation gaming and the vast majority think it is a great learning tool.


21.01.2022 ⁄ International

On January 21st, PRESENTES has presented to the Constitutional Assembly the final results of the simulation workshops executed during the year 2021, with the opinions and expectations about the new Constitution of more than 600 young participants of...

Our Services

We are working in post-conflict settings, as well as in Germany and the European Union. We have developed and implemented numerous projects in different fields and we are ready for new challenges. Anyhow, we became specialized in the method of simulation gaming and other non-formal-education-tools, as we very much enjoy to make complex issues comprehensible for others.


Simulation games

Since 2007 we design and implement simulation games. Have a look at our portfolio or get your own, tailor-made simulation game.

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We very much enjoy to design adequate workshops or seminars for complicated issues. Due to our extense network of partners and trainers, we cover varies topcis and can offer our workshops in different languages.

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Project development

We develop and implement projects in the fields of conflict transformation and civic education. Abroad we usually work in countries that are in transition processes.

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Simulation Games

Here you find an overview of those simulation games that were developed by us. All of them we've tested and implemented serveral times. In case you are interested to implement one of these simulation games, feel free to contact us.


Conflict Transformation

Social and political conflicts are characterized by pressure to act, incomplete knowledge about all the elements, and by interactive processes. Our simulation games let you experience these dynamics.

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Civic Education

Our simulation games transform participants into stakeholders and let them experience processes of negotiations and decision-making. This way they promote the development of a democratic consciousness.

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Citizen Participation

The processes of urban development are quite complex. Therefore our simulation games allow the participants to better understand the relevant factors and thus empower them to actively engage in the future develpment of their town or city.

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Our Activities






Partner Organizations

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We have been successfully cooperating with different partners and organizations. We are happy and grateful about there kind words. Find more references and testimonials here.





Who we are in a nutshell.

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Annual Report

Here you find a summary of our work during last year.

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CRISP is transparent. Here you can find the 10 most important answers regarding our organization.

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