Middle East/ Northern Africa

A Vision for Egypt 2025

Info-Tour and Kick-off Seminar

The project ''Vision for Egypt 2025'' intends to create a long-term vision for Egypt for the year 2025. The vision will include a social, an economic as well as a political dimension and in doing so, we want to set a landmark for upcoming decisions.

This is why together with our partner CDS in Egypt we did starting end of March our Info-Tour and visited 7 cities in Upper Egypt and the Delta Region:

( Alexandria,Port Said,Sharkeya,Minia,Assiut,BeniSuweif and Cairo ) to gather the different conflicts they have in those areas,find partners and spread awareness about this year's project.

Beginning of April we had our Kick-Off Seminar with 30 participants from ''Nadi Al Mohakah'' translated ''Simulation Game Club'' that we created last year with our Simulation Game trainers and facilitators.

Together with them we created the Simulation Game '' El Wasaaya''. This Simulation Game will be implemented starting next May until September in 10 different governorates with the help of our trainers and partners.The goal of those workshops is to create a vision for peaceful co-existence in Egypt 2025. How to open communication channels and how to create trust for co-operation of the different sectors  those are all questions that will be answered by the participants from all over Egypt in the 10 workshops.

We wish our trainers fun and success during the next implementation phase.