CRISP team stands with Ukraine!

For many years now, CRISP has been closely working with Ukrainian civil society. We are so proud to witness all the positive changes that have been taking place in the country so far, and happy to be a part in some of them. Unfortunately, Russian war against Ukraine that has started back in 2014 and has been ongoing ever since, and especially the current full-scale invasion, try to hinder these efforts.

But freedom, dignity and independence are key values of Ukrainians, their everyday choice. Resilience with which they fight, mobilize resources, support those in need are astonishing but of no surprise to us – and we are sure that the deserved victory and such desired peace will come to their homes soon.

Our team members have been actively supporting Ukraine’s fight for freedom. Since day one of the invasion, CRISPies have been going to the demonstrations, writing to the MPs, supporting refugees, donating and raising donations ourselves, raising awareness among international communities, and many more – and we will keep on doing everything that is in our powers. We are also thankful to all our international friends and partners who consolidated their efforts to support Ukraine.

Our hearts and minds are constantly with our Ukrainian friends, partners, and relatives. With everyone in or from the country.
Together we will win!