Middle East/ Northern Africa

Developing an Online Peacebuilding Quiz

In the framework of the Project Peace Support for Yemen (PPSY) implemented by the GIZ, we are in the process of developing an online peace-building quiz. The quiz addresses young Yemeni citizens and aims at educating them on peace, conflict and violence. The quiz is being developed in cooperation with local advisors in order to adequately address these sensible topics and ensure the accessibility of the quiz. Its overall goal is to educate local actors in the field of peacebuilding and helping them to develop capacities in order for them to be able to voice their own thoughts on these topics.

The quiz will be structured into ten sequences with several sub-topics, thereby covering the subject in a comprehensive manner. The quiz will not solely include questions on basic definitions and concepts of peacebuilding but will also include questions on the application of these concepts to local contexts. Further, it will address related issues such as sustainability and gender equality and thereby ensure a comprehensive and adequate approach.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of non-violent conflict resolution in a playful manner and thanks to the quiz’s high emphasis on local customs and culture, be able to implement their acquired knowledge and methods to their daily lives.