Evaluation Seminar in Kyrgyzstan

To wrap up the 2018 Peace and Conflict Consultants project, an evaulation seminar was held in Bishkek.

From 4. to 7. December the Kyrgyz Peace and Conflict Consultants came together for a final time in Bishkek to attend an evaluation seminar. After learning about conflict analysis in June, conducting analysis in their communities in July and August, the participants came together in September to learn about initiative development and project management. From there they returned to their communities, held meetings with local stakeholders and implemented initiatives in October and November. The recent evaluation seminar was an opportunity for participants and trainers to reflect upon the process and think about lessons learned. The seminar also included a final round table where the participants presented the results of their initiative to a panel of invited experts. We are very impressed by the hard work and commitment of all participants. They all learned a lot about conflicts, their community, and themselves.

The project was financed by IfA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) with resources provided by the German Federal Foreign office.