Evaluation seminar of Peace and Conflict Consultant program

For this year’s evaluation seminar of our Peace and Conflict Consultant program we gathered our PCC’s in Odessa to reflect on the activities of 2017.

This year our PCC’s from the Eastern Partnership Countries were training already the third generation of local trainers in peacebuilding methods and theories. On the base of this knowledge the local trainers implemented peace initiatives. The initiatives varied from tackling the issue of early marriage in Azerbaijan, building a network for peace in Georgia, to elaborate on forms of non-violent protest in Moldova. Apart from evaluating the initiatives, we were also addressing general issue like quality criteria standards of curricula and trainers in peacebuilding and the planning for the future of PCC 2018 and beyond. We would like to thank all the participants for their great commitments are looking forward to continue our cooperation next year. A special thanks goes out to Andra Tanase for the insightful facilitation of the seminar.