New Infopaper of CRISP

We are very happy to present our new Infopaper for 2019. Here you can find brief information about CRISP background, aims, goals, methods, projects and our achievements.

CRISP develops projects, facilitates trainings and conducts consultancies in the fields of conflict transformation, civic education and citizen’s participation. We are specialized in developing and implementing innovative learning tools, particularly simulation games that represent a model of reality, and serve as a powerful educational tool. Our activities open channels for dialogue between organizations and individuals on the ground. By this, we increase the impact of the activities of our local partners, and promote an active, critical and capable citizenry.

Furthermore, you can get familiar with the biggest projects and its aims that were developed by CRISP in different areas. We are very delighted that we were able to expand our efforts to more and more different regions and reached out to very diverse target groups. Our regional focus areas are Eastern Europe and former Soviet-Countries, as well as the MENA Region and Sub-Sahara-Africa, the European Union and Germany.

In addition, we are very proud of our experienced team that possesses different skills, qualifications and regional expertise. This gives us the possibilities to adapt to many various needs, requests, and accept different challenges during projects implementations.

Please proceed by the following link and read more about us: New Infopaper of CRISP