Newsletter January 2022

Newsletter Updates - January 2022

Dear partners and friends,

we hope you, your families and colleagues are doing fine. Despite COVID we were able to continue working on our projects and even held the first offline events at the end of 2021. However, we are still worried about the development of the pandemic especially in our target-countries.

We continue a strong engagement in the educational sphere and believe in a great potential of teachers to contribute to positive peace. Currently, we are looking for teachers interested in implementing our quiz on the history, milestones and current state of the German-U.S. relationship. With its interactive and engaging content (in English and in German), learning about this complex topic will be informative and comprehensive, in a playful manner.

We sincerely hope that 2022 will bring us all new ideas and opportunities!

Enjoy this newsletter and feel free to get in touch with us, whenever you think there is a chance for closer cooperation. If you want to read the PDF version please click here

Best regards,
The CRISP-Team