Newsletter July 2019

As usual we have been quite busy over the last three months.

Dear partners, supporters and friends,
as usual we have been quite busy over the last three months. We were happy to learn at the beginning of the year that our engagements and projects in Egypt, Kyrgyzstan,
Ukraine and the South Caucasus will continue. Here we have already started the implementations.

Furthermore, we have implemented several activities with old and new partners in Germany, as well as in our target regions. These include diverse engagements such as
trainings with international diplomats at the Diplomats-Academy of the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin, a simulation game in Vietnam with members of the ASEAN or the
simulation game Dear Mr. President with more than 50 youth participants.

Additionally, we have new colleagues from Egypt and Ukraine. In May Nadine and Nastya joined us in the Berlin office and both will be working with us for the upcoming 12 months.
This newsletter is intended to give you an overview of our latest activities, so you can easily identify opportunities or possibilities for partnering up with us. If you are interested
in closer cooperation with CRISP, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We hope you are doing fine and we are looking forward to seeing many of you in our upcoming activities.

Best regards from Berlin,