Our ESC volunteers Daria and Dina took part in a seminar in Würzburg

From March 28 to April 3, two of our colleagues, ESC volunteers Daria from Ukraine and Dina from Egypt, took part in a one-week introductory seminar for volunteers in Würzburg. The seminar was organized by the Jugendbildungsstätte Unterfranken and the German National Agency “Jugend für Europa”.

During the seminar, all volunteers played active roles in workshops that aimed at raising their awareness on their rights and responsibilities, as well as discussing their goals, desires and feelings. Issues such as tolerance, non-discrimination and conflict management were also tackled, where several activities were conducted including role-playing games to look at the situation from a different perspective, etc.One of the workshops was dedicated to the topic “Me and Europe”, during which participants were divided into separate teams and discussed issues of democracy, freedom, rule of law, gender equality and other fundamental values of the EU. Our volunteers also had the opportunity to create their own posters, show their creativity and express their impressions and feelings during their volunteering, in particular about their immediate tasks and the organization where they work.

"The seminar gave me a charge of vigour and energy for the weeks ahead, as I not only gained new knowledge and skills, but also made many new acquaintances with other participants from different countries and spent their leisure time effectively", Daria said.

In addition, during the seminar, a person from the Monitoring Group on behalf of «Jugend für Europa» informed the volunteers about their rights and responsibilities in their volunteering activities, and also was available for one-on-one talks.