Second Training of project Women Focused Networks South Caucasus

Initiative planning and preparation for participants in the project Women Focused Networks South Caucasus.

Following the initial training held in May of this year, the participants of the project Women Focused Networks South Caucasus came together again for the second capacity building seminar in Georgia from 21. – 25. August.

After conducting problem analysis in June and July, the participants from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan shared their results at the start of the seminar. They were then trained in project management skills, initiative planning and implementation as well as reporting, monitoring and evaluation. The groups received ample time to plan and prepare their initiative and received feedback from the trainers and other participants.

During the next two months, each of the 6 groups (2 from each of the participating countries) will implement initiatives designed to raise awareness and educate their communities on issues facing women. Awareness raising around girls´ rights to education and trainings in entrepreneurship skills are among the themes of the initiatives.

The participants will come together in November for a final evaluation workshop.