New Colleague

Start of Daria's volunteering at CRISP

We gladly welcome Daria as a new volunteer and a member of our team! After completing her master’s degree in «Political Science» at Ukrainian and German universities, she decided to engage herself in a non-formal education sphere, which, in her opinion, is the engine of the modern transformation of society, in particular young people and children. In the summer 2021, Daria took part in OSCE-UNODA Scholarship on the topic «Non-proliferation, Disarmament and Arms Control» because she is interested in methods of conflict prevention for the sake of world peace and security. She also had a work experience at the Ukrainian Social Academy, where she, in particular, was engaged in the promotion and implementation of inclusive approaches, social initiatives in the development of rural areas, and the expansion of opportunities for youth.

During the last year Daria actively took part in various seminars from DAAD in Ukraine, as well as in an intercultural project «Thinking Wider, Thinking Beyond» in Germany. Now she joined CRISP because she wants to deepen her role in a socially active youth society and give impetus to the increasing of opportunities in the civic education sector. She believes that by helping others to achieve their intellectual, educational, social development and well-being to improve their lives, we can get to know ourselves better and at the same time reduce the risk of human strife and conflict in society.