Strategy Meeting 2021

The world changed dramatically the last year, many activities were cancelled, others postponed, but not CRISP’s traditional annual Strategy Meeting. During several online sessions, our team discussed the achievements and ambitious plans for the next year.

Online sessions were dedicated to many topics, both concerned individual and common interests. We have discussed individual and collective goals for the next year, the future activities we want to organize and participate, new simulation games, updating portfolio and design, etc. The organization continues to work in different countries and regions: Germany, Ukraine, the South Caucasus, and the MENA region to name a few, but we also hope to enlarge the geography and scope of our projects. New online instruments and the fresh ideas can help us in our efforts to do this world better. We are looking forward to all the activities, including games, seminars, training that we are going to implement and the common tasks that we are going to do with our partners.