TAR 2030: Starting a New Project on Transatlantic Relationship for German School Students

With the beginning of the new school year, we are glad to announce the start of TAR 2030 project and are inviting interested teachers to join our first activity together with your classes!

The year 2021 brings major changes to the political agenda of both Germany and the U.S., being the time when transatlantic collaboration is transforming on the go. Youth is growing surrounded by these manifold, complex events and developments, so it’s important to enable them to make competent judgements about such political and social issues. We at CRISP see schools as important hubs that give youth spaces for practicing political and historical discourse through discussions and lively conversations.


Therefore, within this project we want to encourage German students to learn about complex issues, develop critical thinking skills, and motivate them to take an active role in the political life of their society. As the first phase of the project, we are inviting to participate in our quiz on transatlantic relationship.


It quiz covers the history, milestones and current state of affairs of the German-U.S. relationship. We offer it in German and in English. Thus, it is suitable for implementation in the context of History or Politics classes as well as English classes or extracurricular activities. With its interactive and engaging content, learning about this complex topic will be informative and comprehensive, but also will let the kids get acquainted with the material in a playful manner.


It can last from 20 minutes, e.g. used only as a part of a lesson, to 45 minutes becoming a full lesson by itself, or even up to 90 minutes if you plan an extracurricular activity with your class and want to go deeper into the topic. Moreover, it can be used both in offline and online formats, answering the needs of current unstable pandemic times.


The quiz will be the first step in a bigger scope of activities – we will be glad to invite students who have taken part in the quiz to online simulation game, idea competition on youth vision of transatlantic relationship and the final event at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin!


All activities are conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in Berlin and are free of charge for you and your students.


If you are interested in implementing the quiz with your class or if you have any questions, please contact us by email and indicate “TAR 2030 Quiz” in the subject line. We will gladly guide you through the next steps!