The first part of the TAYA training was a success and part II is now in preparation  

Thanks to the valuable partnership with the United Society of Balkans in Greece and the outstanding contribution of the participants, the first anti-discrimination training (TAYA) was a great success and part two is now in preparation.

The first TAYA training, focusing on fundamentals of anti-discrimination-education, took place from the 14th to the 23rd of September in Stratoni, Greece. The training addressed the pressing issue of discrimination through various scopes. The participants were introduced to theory and practice as well as methods of anti-discrimination-education to foster awareness in their communities. Some of the topics tackled included but were not limited to: the origins of racial discrimination, postcolonialism, critical whiteness studies and more. 


Part II of the training is to take place next November in Baitz, Germany, following up on the aforementioned one by addressing issues such as different types of discrimination that were not covered in training I, intersectionality and many more. By the end of both parts of the training the participants will have combined a facilitation guideline on how to integrate anti-discrimination methodologies in their work. 


We are very grateful for this collaboration and beyond eager to proceed with part ll