Project Update

Toolkit “Hidden Memories”

We have developed a resource for discussing sensitive and controversial topics of Ukraine´s modern history with groups. The toolkit is published in a printed and digital version in Ukrainian.

For the past two years, CRISP, together with the Kyiv Educational Centre TolerSpace, has been implementing the project "Hidden Memories”. The project’s goal is to increase the appreciation of dialogue about fundamental values among Ukrainians and thereby contribute to a democratic and pluralistic society. In combination with the concept of historical memory and creative tools, we aimed to establish a space of freedom of expression in which a far less polarized but rather critical and differentiated discourse on the topic of the recent Ukrainian history and its underlying values is possible.

During the project we have brought together teachers from all over Ukraine to work on sensitive and controversial topics in contemporary Ukrainian history. As a result, we have succeeded in creating a toolkit that not only offers unique educational materials on different topics of contemporary Ukrainian history, but also provides teachers with techniques for creating a safe space to discuss these and other issues. The range of the covered topics is impressive - from the collapse of the Soviet Union to the occupation of Crimea. In addition, the book offers educational modules for dealing with controversial issues of contemporary society, such as gender equality, media manipulation and others.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the participants, partners, and the Civil Society Cooperation program of the German Federal Foreign Office for their support of the project. 

Download: Toolkit “Hidden Memories”