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UPDATE: Protective Vests for Ukraine

Until today we have bought and delivered 40 protective plates. 15 more are on their way to Berlin. But we want even more.

Since the beginning of our campaign (March 2022), we received donations from more than 100 individuals! All together we have received approx. 25.000 EUR, which is way more than we had expected. We are really grateful for all the support and we have used every cent to buy protective vests, protective plates or helmets.  

Accounting: We bought and delivered to Ukraine 40 SK4 Plates (from Denmark, UK and Germany), 15 ballistic helmets (Estonia) and 7 plate carriers. We are currently waiting for 15 SK4 plates, 10 plate carriers and 5 active hearing protections.  

Now we can order SK4 plates in Germany again, since the producer increased its capacities. It is clear, that with the first campaign we met the need of the people to somehow support Ukraine. Now the attention seems to be fading away, especially when we hear that many states are delivering support to Ukraine now. Having many friends and partners in Ukraine, we can say, that numerous people still have to fight for their lives without a proper body protection, simply because Russia´s military aggression is so large-scale, that all people situated in Ukraine are in constant danger.  

So, we would like to ask you for donations again and promise to buy really needed stuff and bring it to Ukraine.

Background information:

What means SK4 plate? A body armour consists of a plate carrier and min. two plates (front and back). We buy plates of the high protection level, which in Germany is called SK4 and in the US and UK NIJ4. These plates are made of ceramics and aluminium, and every batch is checked for its capacity. Qualitative plates are difficult and expensive to produce. The case is different with the plate carriers, which can be sewed with a lower maintenance. That is why we are mainly concentrated on the plates, whereas our partners in Ukraine usually take care of the plate carriers themselves.  

Transportation. The scheme is pretty simple: Our partners Volunteer centre “Spivdruzhnist Volyn” in Lutsk (Western Ukraine) receive requests from the army and citizens in the “locations under fire”. They communicate to us, what is urgently needed. We search and purchase the products from your donations and let it all get delivered to Berlin, since most of the companies do not deliver to Ukraine now. Then the volunteer Ukrainian drivers come to Berlin and bring the stuff to Lutsk, from where it is delivered according to the requests.  


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