Workshop Civil Military Cooperation

For the “Leadership Academy” of the German Army (Bundeswehr) we conducted a Workshop on improving civil-military cooperation.

Target group were participants of the two-years training for becoming Officers in the General Staff of the “Bundeswehr”. As part of the General Staff of the German Army the participants will soon be in positions to take concrete decisions on the strategies and practice of the Army and therefore will take over a multiplying function when it comes to aspects of civil military cooperation.

The workshop was centered on a simulation game in which the officers took over the roles of different military, civil and local actors in a fictional conflict setting. They had to develop guidelines to cooperate with each other’s, without neglecting the different approaches to conflict transformation. Relevant questions to be answered were, if military actors should engage at all in activities outside their core tasks or it should be limited.

Through this process, the participants gained a deeper understanding of the needs and logics of actions of civil actors in the field. We were pleased by the commitment of participants to engage in alternative ways of thinking and embrace new perspectives on the topic.