Youth Participation in Kyrgyzstan

Within the framework of the GIZ Project “Prospects for Youth” we conducted a consultancy aiming at enhancing youth participation on a communal level. The activities included among others the development of a tailor-made simulation game and the implementation of local workshops in the target regions.

In a first step a simulation on youth participation in Kyrgyzstan was developed. During the simulation game, the participants have the task to decide on thematic priorities for youth development in their city as well as concrete activities, which should be financed from the communal budget.
Via a training of training, local facilitators were enabled to make use of the simulation in workshops for youth leaders from 20 municipalities. Apart from the simulation, the workshops included exercises on formal and informal ways of participation as well as reflections on the situation of young people in the respective communities.  In a final step, a workshop for community representatives has been conducted, raising their awareness on the value of youth participation.