CRISP - Simulation game

Simulation game

Cultural Diplomacy to Counter Disinformation

CuDi is a simulation game that focuses on cultural diplomacy. players must confront the adverse effects of fake news, disinformation, and external threats on the Qalam islands' cultural relations and international image. By strategically thinking and negotiating, they have the opportunity to shape the future of cultural relations and enhance the global perception of the region.


Professionals and Students,

age 18 and above


Democracy & Participation




4-6 hours

Number of participants






Set in the Qalam islands, consisting of three distinct states, the game brings together a diverse array of state and non-state actors. With the support of the United Nations Development Program, an international forum has been organized to address the challenges posed by disinformation and the need for regional integration. The forum will address two main points: how the Qalam islands can enhance their cultural relations and the measures needed to improve their international image. As a participant, you will engage in plenary sessions, negotiations, and proposal submissions, all aimed at fostering cultural relations within the region and elevating the image of the Qalam islands on the global stage. 

Scenario & Procedure

In CuDi, the focus is on the Qalam islands, each representing a separate state. Participants take on the roles of various actors, and the game is divided into two parts, each dedicated to a specific topic. The first part centers around improving cultural relations among the countries of the Qalam islands. The second part delves into the measures required to enhance the international perception of the Qalam islands. Plenary sessions and free negotiations provide opportunities for in-depth discussions on cultural diplomacy.


The primary objective of CuDi is to develop a comprehensive agreement that outlines common actions for strengthening cultural relations within the Qalam region and projecting a positive image of the region globally. By actively participating in negotiations and proposal submissions, you will have the chance to influence the outcome and contribute to the collective decision-making process. The success of the game depends on your ability to collaborate, strategize, and build consensus.

Learning Goals
  • Change of perspective
  • Understanding complex relationships 
  • Testing of action strategies and development of alternative paths for solutions
  • Diplomatic Negotiation
  • Cultural Diplomacy Strategy
  • Decision-Making and Consensus Building
  • Regional Integration