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CCP Synergy – Tunisia & Algeria

In collaboration with jeunes leaders de Tunis (Youth Leader Association of Tunis) and Amnesty International Algiers, the project consisted of implementing a training of trainer workshop. The participants became capable of using a tool-kit of non-formal education methods, including simulation games to further enhance the impact of the local trainers to contribute to positive change.

Quick facts


01.09.2020 - 30.11.2020


Tunis, Tunisia & Algiers, Algeria


30 students of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnams


Ca. 300

The project initially would have taken place in Algeria, however given the current political situation there, we changed the location of the activities to Tunis, by including both organizations; jeunes leaders de Tunis and Amnesty International Algiers. However, given the new Covid-19 situation, the project was implemented in an online format due to the flight restrictions and health situations prevailing.

Throughout a training of trainers workshops, the capacities of local trainers/ facilitators in the field of human rights promotion, civic engagement and conflict transformation were increased. The participants learnt how to design workshops and seminars, they become capable of using a tool-kit of non-formal education methods, including simulation gaming. Beyond that CRISP provided the trainees with soft skills for implementing non-formal education learning modules and how to moderate and guide learning processes. Here we put emphasis on the necessity of democratic values, attitudes and mind-sets during teaching processes.

Project Goals

The overall goal of this project and its follow-ups was to empower young people to take over a critical and constructive role in the national democratic transformation process in a sustainable manner. Therefore, the outcomes of this project are trained local trainers, who are enabled to use the simulation game method in their general, everyday work. Thus they will have the capacities to stimulate a critical attitude towards the ongoing democratic processes in the country and serve as multipliers for a sustainable and active civil society.

Target Groups

Active youth aspiring to lead positive change in their local communities.


The project activities included virtual (pre-recorded) input sessions introducing the tool of non-formal education; simulation games. In addition to the implementation of the previously developed simulation game “Ahl Heissa” on the ground with the help of our local partners.

Outcomes / Achievements

By introducing the innovative methodology of simulation games, the participants will have further benefit from the method by using simulation games to amplify their toolkit, which will ultimately lead to higher effectiveness of their work. Therefore, the higher the impact of the local trainers the more they will contribute to positive change. The long-term impact of this project is in building the capacities in non-formal education techniques (simulation games) of the involved trainers/facilitators and furthermore to introduce them to an international community of peacebuilders that will inspire and support them to follow the lengthy, but sustainable, bottom up approach for social change. 

Moreover, we will jointly plan possible follow-up activities. CRISP is eager to implement a project in 2021-2022 in cooperation with jeunes leaders de Tunis and AI-Algeria, focusing on the human rights situation in both Tunisia and Algeria. Here we want to further capacitate and train local facilitators to use the method of simulation gaming, focussing on the topics civic education and conflict transformation.


This project was designed and implemented in close cooperation with


This project is funded by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen)