CRISP - Simulation Game

Simulation Game

Conflict Simulation Game - Caucasus

We conducted a conflict simulation game together with students from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The simulation was embedded in a 7day Seminar, including Preparation and Evaluation.

Quick facts


01.06 - 31.12.2009


Bakuriani, Georgia




All participants slipped into the role of one of the main stakeholders of the different conflict in the Caucasus region. Through the simulation political processes and dynamics were experienced by which the participants got a chance to develop personal, alternative models of explanation for the progress of conflict.

Target Group

The target group of the Seminar were students and postgraduates of political science and international relations. They gained insight on what “bargaining” is all about and what it means to deal with unintended consequences under pressure of time. This was a valuable endorsement to theoretical contents of their studies.

Project Goals

Mainly this Seminar had the following objectives: 1. Introduction to the method of simulation-gaming as superior objective: we analysed the transferability to universities in Caucasus. So within the evaluation we focussed on dissemination of the method by elaborating first ideas for simulation-games at the participant's universities. 2. Provide insights into the simulated conflict: the simulation reveals coercions and options of actions of the stakeholders. This actor-centred view on the conflict will be discussed and judged in the scope of peace- and conflict-research.


This activity was implemented in close partnership with


This activity was implemented in close partnership with