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CSSP - Mediation Training

Our partners and friends from Berlin Centre for Integrative Mediation (CSSP) invited us to their Egyptian Mentoring Program.

Quick facts



 Berlin, Germany



The program aimed to provide 10 Egyptian youth who started their own social projects with the networking and mediation skills needed for the success of their projects by assigning 10 high ranking social activists to mentor these youth and their projects. The simulation game came as a practical implementation of the skills they had acquired all over the year through the program.  Therefore 15 the participants were simulating a fictitious country suffering from a widely spread corruption. The simulation game contains many different conflict levels and almost all actors have different interests, what made it very complex, but at the same time created a very suitable space for testing conflict-management skills.

Target Group

Egyptian youth who started their social ventures and highly experienced and well networked social activists who have been working in the Egyptian development sector for the last decades.

Project Goals

The main goal was to give the opportunity for the participants to apply all the skills they have been acquiring through the program in a highly complex situation that needed to put their knowledge into an action in order to reach a solution.


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