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Economic integration of women in Morocco

We were glad to cooperate with GIZ Morocco in the Ana Huna- أنا هنا - I am here- initiative as a part of the ECONOWIN project

Quick facts
DURATION12.02.2018 Until 16.02.2018
LOCATIONSCasablanca, Morocco
PARTICIPANTSRepresentatives of the Moroccan ministry of education, schoolteachers/directors, and university lectors.


During the consultancy we developed a tailor-made simulation game around the cultural dimension of the integration of women in the job market in Morocco. The simulation was then spread via a training of trainers in Casablanca with participants from several regions, including schoolteachers/directors and university lectors.

Project Goals

The objective is to use the innovative approach of simulation for the deconstruction of gender stereotypes. The first step is to sensitize the representatives of the Moroccan Ministry of Education (teachers, directors and academics) to the gender approach, secondly, to familiarize the participants with the methodology of the simulation, al Warda -the flower- is a simulation tailor-made to correspond to the Moroccan reality concerning the topic of women's economic integration. Third, the evaluation of the simulation and finetuning, through a participatory and collective process, fourth capacity building of the participants in the facilitation of the simulation. Lastly, handling over the simulation to the participants in order to implement local workshops at the level of their representative institutions (school, high school, university...).

Target Group(s)

The direct target group are the beneficiaries of the training, the partners of the two phases أنا هنا - I am here - in Morocco, representatives of the ministry of education, schoolteachers/directors, and university lectors.
The indirect target group are the youth of Morocco in the education system.

Planned Outcomes/Achievements

To reach the young Moroccans directly and indirectly at the level of educational institutions, through the training of trainers in the methodology of the simulation on the theme of the gender approach. The handing over of the Al Warda simulation to the Ministry's staff allows them to use at will this alternative learning technique with a younger public and to duplicate the experience with the students without being limited to logistical and financial aspects.


This workshop was implemented in close cooperation with