CRISP - Project


Gaming for Peace – Youth Involvement in Peace and Development

In cooperation with GIZ we are improving competencies of young people in Northern Mindanao to engage in community peacebuilding. 

Quick facts
DURATION12.08.2022 Until 11.02.2023
LOCATIONSPhilippines, Northern Mindanao
PARTICIPANTSYouth leaders and young people in Northern Mindanao 

Gaming for Peace has been a consultancy implemented for the Civil Peace Service of GIZ in Mindanao. It included the development of a tailor-made simulation game on community peace building and the training of youth leaders from BARMM and Caraga region as multipliers for youth involvement in the peace process. The developed simulation game Hiraya is modeled after prototypical challenges to a sustainable peace in Mindanao and addresses a variety of topics including historical injustice, the role of (social) media and the importance of inter-ethnic dialogue.

Project Goals

The consultancy aimed at improving the capacities of youth leaders in Northern Mindanao to make use of innovative educational formats for enhancing youth involvement in community peacebuilding.

Target Group(s)

Youth leaders from BARMM and Caraga region and young people in the same areas as final beneficiaries.

Planned Outcomes/Achievements

A tailor-made simulation game on community peacebuilding in Northern Mindanao was developed and 20 youth leaders are equipped to independently run a workshop format for young people making use of the interactive methodology.


This project was designed and implemented in close cooperation with