Gaming for Peace - Youth Leaders in Mindanao trained to promote community peacebuilding

Youth leaders from Mindanao receive training in community peacebuilding and simulation game facilitation.

In cooperation with GIZ Civil Peace Service in Mindanao we conducted a four-day Training of Trainers in Cagayan de Oro. The workshop brought together youth leaders from BARMM and Caraga regions of Northern Mindanao and equipped them with the necessary skills to run simulation game workshops on community peacebuilding for their target groups.

A key element of the training has been the tailor-made simulation game Hiraya, which addresses a variety of issues crucial to sustainable peace in Mindanao,  
including historical injustice, the role of (social) media and the importance of inter-ethnic dialogue. The game was designed to simulate typical challenges that arise in the region and encourage participants to think critically about how to address them.

One of the key objectives of the workshop was to develop the trainers' abilities to facilitate the simulation game and other activities related to community peacebuilding. By the end of the training, participants had gained a deeper understanding of how to create safe and inclusive spaces for discussion, how to promote active listening and dialogue, and how to build relationships of trust and mutual respect within communities.
The next phase of the project involves the trained trainers engaging local youth in the workshops to build their competencies in community peacebuilding activities. By working with local youth, we hope to foster a new generation of leaders who are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to build peaceful and resilient communities in Mindanao.

In a second step the trained multipliers will engage local youth in the workshops, building their competencies to engage in community peacebuilding activities.